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Our Big Party – July 2018

Here you'll see events scheduled for the week long celebration between June 30th and July 4th. Right now these are still in the planning stages. We need the support of individuals and organizations to make these events happen. If any of these events get your creative juices flowing, please click the blue button to submit your suggestions or volunteer!

Parade and Opening Ceremonies    I want to help with this!


Date: June 30, 2018

Who doesn't love a parade to kick off an event?!?! The parade is goint to start at the riverfront and end at Louisiana High School. From There we will jump right into the Opening Ceremonies and start CELEBRATING our 200 years!

Battle of the Bands    I want to help with this!


Date: June 30 — July 1 and July 4, 2018

Join us for 8 bands battling to play the main stage on July 4th! Each band will play a 1 hour set on one of two stages over two days. On July 4th four bands will play for the ultimate title.

Worship & Fellowship    I want to help with this!


Date: Sunday July 1, 2018

Each church to have own service on Sunday morning with nod to 200 followed by family picnic at the LHS football field. Join us again on Sunday evening for a nondenomination service to take place at the riverfront. A perfect way to close out the weekend festivities!

Entertainment for All Ages    I want to help with this!


Date: Sunday July 1, 2018 at 2:00, 3:30pm, and 5pm

Jason D'Vaude (that's Vaude as in Vaudeville) is from Kansas City, MO. He has been performing circus stunts all over the world since 2003. Jason D'Vaude will balance on dangerous objects like rolling boards and extra tall unicycles whilst juggling axes and more. D'Vaude is also known for his exciting displays of fire-play. Expect to see some actually-good juggling, dangerous stunts, and definitely be ready to laugh.

This high energy show is a unique memory maker. Patrons will find Jason D'Vaude bantering to a growing crowd and they can't help but join to see the tall unicycle juggling finale!

Civil War Reenactors    I want to help with this!


Date: Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1, 2018

The Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association is a well-established sanctioning body for events in the Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas area. We are a non-profit organization of living historians who enjoy participating in well-planned events throughout Missouri and surrounding states. We can help you plan your event so all involved gain from it. We have certain policies and procedures that sponsors have to follow to reap the benefits of the cause. The MCWRA has been a sanctioning body since 1978.

Civic Group     I want to help with this!


Date: Monday July 2, 2018

Calling all Civic Organizations! We'd like to see each civic and social group in Louisiana plan or sponsor their own event to honor Louisiana's 200 years! We encourage groups like Elks, Lions Club, Rotary, American Leagion, Louisiana Historical Museum, and FFA to participate. The committee is raising funds and we want to help with your event!


Date: Tuesday July 3, 2018

The committee is looking for ideas here! So far we have suggesstions for a Bicycle parade and a baseball/softball tournament.

I Pledge Allegiance...    I want to help with this!

Chair:Bob Ringhausen

Date: Wednesday July 4, 2018

Honor our local veterans and country by viewing a flag ceremony. Attend a flag etiquette workshop and flag disposal demonstration. Host a breakfast for our most honored residents, our vets.

Life on the River    I want to help with this!


Date: Wednesday July 4, 2018

Boat Races in the afternoon and lighted boat parade in the evening!