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Louisiana Bicentennial Celebration June 30 & July 1, 2018

Louisiana is excited to be celebrating 200 years in 2018! Our townspeople will be hosting a community wide event during these dates that will include a parade, opening ceremony and programs throughout both days.

Event Hours are Saturday June 30th 10am — 5pm and Sunday July 1st 10am — 5pm.

Vendor spaces are available for food and handcraft 10' x 10' or 10' x 20'. Tents or other cover are strongly encouraged. The Pike County Health Dept. requires tents with cover or trailer for food vendors. Rental fees and electric/water information are below. Note-#12 or larger electrical cords are REQUIRED! Spaces are limited and based on first come. We will require 50% paid in advance with the balance paid at our event registration table. There will be no refunds of your deposit. Space is limited!


  • Check-in date is Friday, June 29, 2018 at 5:00p – you will receive booth space location and other vendor information at that time. Access may be limited on Saturday morning so early check-in and set up is suggested!
  • Vehicles must be removed immediately after unloading and before set up. Parking for private vehicles will be available away from the event area. No stakes can be driven into the ground or pavement. Vendors/exhibitors are responsible for setting up and cleaning up their area.
  • Operating hours are subject to modification. All spaces must be vacated before 6:00 P.M. on Sunday, July 1st unless otherwise authorized.
  • Once the event has opened (10am both days), all Vendors must remain in their assigned space and in operation the two (2) days of the event (weather permitting). Spaces may NOT be vacated earlier than event closing time. Vendors are not allowed to breakdown their booths until the end of the event on Sunday unless prior written permission is obtained. We ask this in order to provide our attendees full access to ALL our participating vendors!


  • Noise levels must be kept at a level that will not interfere with other Exhibitors/Vendors. Obstructions or potential hazards will not be tolerated in exhibit or adjoining areas. Sidewalks are to remain navigable and unblocked at all times.
  • No selling of lewd materials, potentially dangerous items or drug related paraphernalia is allowed. Any gambling (or other) activities prohibited by State Law shall be prohibited at this event.
  • Security in the event area will be provided Friday and Saturday nights. In NO case shall the sponsors of the Louisiana Bicentennial be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, theft, and death or from any other cause of any character while the same is at the Louisiana Bicentennial Celebration. The City of Louisiana hereby assumes NO responsibility either as a bailer or otherwise for any property brought to the event, and it shall be at the Vendor's risk.
  • All announcements on any public address system shall be at the discretion of the event committee.
  • Missouri state, Pike County and City of Louisiana sales tax collection is the responsibility of each participating vendor.


  • Absolutely no pets of any kind are allowed within the event area. This includes within booths. This is by order of the City of Louisiana Police Department.
  • No unauthorized bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters, or other types of recreational wheeled conveyances are allowed within the event area. This is by order of the Louisiana Police Department.
  • No overnight camping is allowed in the event area. For available lodging in Louisiana call the Chamber of Commerce 573-754-5921. Limited RV hookups are available relatively close as well.

This Contract (or any part of vendor space covered by said Contract) shall NOT be assigned, let or sublet without written consent of the event committee. The City of Louisiana reserves the right to interpret these Rules and Regulations and to determine all matters pertinent thereto; also, the right to amend and/or add such Rules as may be deemed necessary. Violation of any of the Rules and Regulations shall cause forfeiture of all privileges, deposits, contracts and right of participation by the violator. The City of Louisiana reserves the right to select event participants. There are NO GUARANTEES as to booth space preferences or acceptance to the event! We reserve the right to reject any vendor/exhibitor for good cause, including but not limited to, inappropriate behavior, inability of vendor to comply with rules and regulations of event, abuse of volunteers or event area (verbally or physically), misrepresentation of work and presentation of work which falls below the standards of the event parameters.

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