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Vendor Registration is a Two-Step Process!

  1. Submit Registration Form
  2. Pay with PayPal (credit cards are accepted)
If different from Vendor Name.
Please submit email address so we can save on postage!
Please describe in detail the products to be sold in your space
10' x 10' booth @ $25.00 each.
10' x 20' booth @ $50.00 each.
120V 20 AMP Receptacle for both days @ $20.00 each.
240V 30 AMP Receptacle for both days @ $30.00 each.
240V 50 AMP Receptacle for both days @ $35.00 each.
Electrical availability is limited and rented as one (1) receptacle each in the above voltages/amperages. Any other electricity requirements must be made via special arrangements before September 1st for possible accommodation. There are no 1/2 fees for electricity or water! Water location/hookups limited! Due to distances and amperages, extension cords smaller than # 12 will NOT be allowed.

Deposit: $50.00

After submitting your registration form you will have the option to pay your deposit.
Your registration will only be complete after successful payment.